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England, UK


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Currently based in Northamptonshire, Jasmine Louise Jones is a qualified, highly creative make-up and special effects artist.


Her ever-expanding skill-set ranges from but is not limited to beauty, makeovers, e-commerce, skin camouflage, gender transformation, body painting, theatrical and high fashion make-up to prosthetics and other movie special effects, as well as getting stuck in as a model herself.


She has degrees in Art and Design, from the School Of Arts Loughborough University, and Artistic Make-up and Special Effects, at Leicester College/De Montfort University, where she was awarded the Award or Excellence.



Jasmine only works with companies (included researched parent companies) and products and tools that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. This is an important value, Jasmine was raised with a vegetarian lifestyle and is now vegan. She is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and understanding of cosmetics, make-up science and application.


With her social media and networking skills, Jasmine has built up a wide audience she can display her work with. Jasmine is also an affiliate of the amazing vegan makeup and body paint brand Mistair


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Why I choose to use only vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products and what this means...


I do not use products that contain animal byproducts or have been tested on animals. I also do not use products that are owned by a company or parent company that tests on animals. I do my utmost to research every product I buy, this can be time-consuming due to the volume of products, and companies changing ownership, or even changing ingredients and formulas.


But using only vegan and cruelty-free products is something I am passionate about, and more and more companies are recognizing veganism and the importance of not testing on animals and highlighting this on their products and websites. I will continue to dedicate my time to discover the best products out there for me and my clients and offer a guilt free, professional make-up service.

Why Vegan & Cruelty Free?



Publications & Features


Elite Online Magazine · Hayburner Magazine · Proper Eye Candy Magazine · Sour Magazine · Teen Spirit Magazine · The Epitome Magazine · The Midweek Sport · The Daily Star · The Sun · The Daily Mail · Rock n Roll Bride · 




Face Painter, Mike Atack Trust Fundraising Event, Rawlings Academy Quorn, 2010


Makeup Artist, Miss Great Britain, Beauty Pageant, Leicester, 2014


Makeup Artist, Cruise, Fashion Show, Leicester, 2015


Makeup Artist, Area 51, Download Festival, Donnington, 2015


Makeup Artist, AHT, Famous Buildings Body Paint Competition Contestant, 2015


Makeup Artist, Halloween HQ/Celebrity Merchandise, Pyrohex + Guest Performers, Leicester, 2016


Head Makeup Artist, Halloween HQ/Celebrity Merchandise, Pyrohex, Glasgow, 2016




Makeup Artist, Rawlings Academy, Romeo and Juliet Play, 2010


Makeup Artist, Sue Townsend Upper Brown Street Theatre, Leicester, Metamorphosis, 2015

Photographic & Video/Film


Makeup Artist, British Youth Film Academy, Julius Caesar, Feature Film, Wolverhampton, 2010


Makeup Artist and Model, Pin Up Charity Calendar, Gingerbread Poison Events, Steve Smith Photography, 2014


Makeup Artist,Nicholas Lee-Shield & Fraser West, Music Videos, 2014/ 2015/ 2016/2018;

Moose Blood, Chapter and Verse, Straight Jacket Legends, Ohmaha, Barnum Meserve.


Makeup Artist, Aspire Studios, Makeover photoshoots and model portfolio photoshoots, Birmingham, 2015


Makeup Artist, E-Commerce Makeup, Swimzi, Leicester, 2015


Makeup Artist and Model, Hayburner Magazine, feature photo shoot, Fallen Angels Social Club, Kettering, 2015


Makeup Artist, Tom Wren Photography, High Fashion Model, Portfolio Photoshoot, Leicester, 2015


Makeup Assistant to Cat Crawford, E-Commerce photoshoot and video, Bradwell Media Studios, Argos, Milton Keynes 2016

Makeup Artist and Actress, Mute City Media, Horror Film Short, 2016


Makeup Artist, Joseph O’Brien Photographer, Photoshoot Makeups 2014/2015/2016/2017 


Makeup Artist and Model, Elite Online Magazine, Tripodski, Chris Beasley, 2014/2015/2016/2017

Makeup Artist, Vamp Boudoir Photography at Dollhouse, Birmingham, 2017 


Makeup Artist, Bradwell Media Studios, Argos/Sainsburys, Milton Keynes, Jing Lusi 2017


Makeup Artist, Arch Creative, Cambridge & Counties Bank, Leicester, 2018


Makeup Artist, Sainsbury's, TU clothing, Bedford, 2018 - 2019


Other Clients


Vamp Boudoir Photography at Dollhouse · Video Ink · Loki Films · Tripodski · Jack Russell · Bilacous Photography · Creative Instincts Photography · Mike White · Andy Douglas · John Banks · Laughing Orc · RiRi Images · Steve Maydwell · Dekker Photography · Twisted Fox · The Bearded Barber · Niall Patterson · House Of Priory ·  Kojac Sponge Company · Lewis Carter · Oneskee· Bear Knuckle Brawlers · Freddy Lobos · Mute City Media · Shelly D’Inferno · Rebecca Crow · Gem Dee · Sununu Hernandez · Becky Holt · Nancy Harry · Rebecca Lotus · Vicky B · Lucy Chambers · Jesse Rose · Evie Green · Jessica Louise Dancer · Chilli Chapel · Aemelia Fox · Rouge Suicide · Cecelia Suicide · Sithis · Roxy Reveals · Amie Coradine · Lily-Rose The English Mermaid · O'Neill's Pub (Brentwood) · Dave Darko SFX · Phaze Clothing · Ruby Alexia · Tylah · AK media management LTD/Xtremeplaypen and more...


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